Our Story

Since childhood, we have been empowered by our grandmothers, Lillie Bell

and Ruthie Mae. We admired their determination, warmth, and kindness.

As sisters growing up in a tight-knit family, we were taught that with

dedication, hard work, and honesty, you will see your dream come into


These instilled values continued to be our guiding principles in life. In late

2020 we founded our business, Lillie & Mae Luxe Goods, inspired by our

grandmothers and in honor of their legacy.

Focusing on self-love and self-care, Lillie & Mae was born from our

combined passion for aromatherapy and the restorative power of all-natural

herbal remedies. Our signature collection of luxuriously scented candles are

hand-poured into reusable glass vessels, using a mixture of vegan coconut

wax and soy wax, for a clean and consistent burn. Our ethically sourced loose

tea leaves are blended by hand for the perfect herbal infusion.

We take a holistic approach with everything that we do and each ingredient

used within our wellness products, has been purposely selected for its unique

benefit. From boosting the body's immunity with powerful antioxidants to

enhancing positive energies and relaxing the mind.

We believe that all women deserve to take a moment for themselves.

With love and magic,

Brittany Waits Johnson


Brianna Waits